• Graduation.

    Shopping for Dollars

    Lack of finances is the reason 1 in 6 college students do not continue their education and fail to achieve a degree or certificate.

  • Lewis Little's mugshot

    The Case of Lewis Little

    “Before this happened, you couldn’t Google my name on the Internet – there was nothing to find - now you can! According to the reports, I broke into someone’s home, kidnapped them and killed a man last year. And that’s not true at all.”

  • Genealogical research is being conducted in collaboration with UNC Chapel Hill to trace descendents of area families.

    Historic Stagville: A Slave Plantation Still Standing

    “We are open about carrying on the legacy of the free and the enslaved,” says Hardy. She speaks of the American Girl doll and fiction children’s book series, Addy, which is inspired by a child slave who once lived here – the black doll proudly sits on display in an exhibit area along with pre-Civil War artifacts and other memorabilia encased in glass.

  • By Belinda Mays

    Do You Have Any Of These?

    Instead of focusing on perfecting your weaknesses why not spend your time and energy focusing on perfecting your strengths while finding a few partners who can fill in the gaps where you are lacking.

  • Pam Oxendine, A Cultured Alliance

    The Fork Goes on the Left and Other Matters

    We should not lose the idea of simply knowing the way we should behave. In this era of social media, it seems society is losing it. In the memory of Dr. Charlotte Hawkins Brown, Pam Oxendine says, “Not on my watch.”