January, 2011

Cori L. GreerCori L. Greer

Ode To Singledom

Let us celebrate the joys and liberties of the modern woman, whether alone or attached. Let us not be defined by the 70%, the 42%, the number of children we raise, the number of degrees we accrue, nor the number of dollars we earn. Whether or not we are in relationship, remember the times when being alone was not the death sentence we feared.

Cooking RoyaltyCourtesy of The Angus Barn

Cooking Royalty

“Without dreams life wouldn’t be any fun, but be prepared. Know darn well that this is something you’re going to love doing, because it takes up 80% of your waking time. You spend more time doing this than you do with your family. So, be prepared and make sure, because if you’re not really, really in love with it and have a passion about it you’re going to sacrifice a lot. We have the highest divorce rates of any other profession.”

Carlton Baileyby Carlton Bailey

Does This Match?

For years men have limited our styling options because, more often than not, we want to make sure we match instead of choosing clothing items that compliment one another. How often have you seen businessmen and professionals jittering about in their indistinguishable business attire? The navy or some shade of gray suit, white shirt, the “republican” or “democrat” tie, and I hate to even say it…black socks.

The Beautiful ProjectPhoto courtesy of "The Beautiful Project"

The Beautiful Project

One of our girls said, “Malia and Sasha are courageous. They know some people just don’t like their dad, and still they hug on him and stay around him all the time, even though it’s dangerous.” Black girls are taking note that there is something deafening about the opportunity to consider the inner and outer beauty of black girls on a national stage.

The World We Live In

The World We Live In

There clearly is strength in associating with that sameness of life. However, inherent in that sameness is a challenge of maintaining too much conformity in our thinking, being and growing. If we think about it much of our learning or experiences that shaped us came about by being introduced to some new thing, person, activity, celebration etc…