April, 2011

Old People at rePlayby Cori Greer

Old People at rePlay

Am I proposing a reversal back into childhood; is this a campaign for immaturity? No, on the contrary, the benefits of play can strengthen our resolve to get back out there and continue to tackle life’s most pressing dilemmas. Plus, it’s a lot easier on your bank account statement. So get out in your front yard, break out those yellow tube socks, and play a game of dodge ball with the neighborhood kids.

Spring!  It’s Time to Clean your "House"by Margaret A. Brunson

Spring! It’s Time to Clean your “House”

The mind is a powerful part of our life and who we are. It holds thoughts, memories, and images of all the negative and positive experiences in our lives. We must take a proactive approach to keep our minds free from clutter, noise and other things that keep us from being happy and experiencing joy in our lives. Vacuuming the mind represents ridding our mind of negative thoughts that hinder our movement towards our goals and purpose.

Business "Uncoached"

Business “Uncoached”

Each one of us can connect to what is all-knowing, all-seeing and all-manifesting. It is there inside of us. The yoga helps, but is not the answer. You must be still and go inside to connect to all the answers you will ever need. Trust that what has been placed on your heart was placed there to serve all of humanity including you.

Lessons From Eastern Medicine

Lessons From Eastern Medicine

According to the oldest recorded medical science, Ayurveda, our bodies and minds are a combination of three basic constitutions: vata (air), pitta (fire) and kapha (earth & water), which can be used to describe all things in the natural world.