August, 2011

Shekina MooreShekina Moore

“Sensual and Smart” Shekina Moore: entrepreneur. author. designer.

Shekina has a strong presence when she walks into a room because of her style, but also because of her confidence. She admitted that she likes a little attention but only for the right reasons. Therefore, she’s smart about her style because she pays attention to where she’s going and who’s going to be in the room. She is confident and knows how to dress her body type.

The Josh Howard Foundation Makes a Difference Josh Howard

The Josh Howard Foundation Makes a Difference

Josh Howard’s foundation was founded on the premise of being “dedicated to helping to improve the quality of life of economically challenged communities.” Josh’s foundation stretches to other cities including Dallas, TX, Washington, DC, as well. Areas of particular interest that are addressed are assisting in achieving academic success, community involvement, and athletic fitness.

Going With The FLOW

Going With The FLOW

Tara credits her best friend and her family for pushing her to return to her own fashion designs. “They knew that it was in me,” she says, plus it proved to be an opportunity for her friend, an aspiring model, as well. So she pulled her old sewing machine out, and when she found that it was no longer working, her husband purchased her a new one.