November, 2011

Technology Innovations Fuel EntrepreneurshipKatrina M. Harrell

Technology Innovations Fuel Entrepreneurship

In this current economic climate, Harrell says that entrepreneurs must first be absolutely clear of their goals – what is the point of it all? Also to be considered is, if technology will play a major role – but this is only if there is a passion for technology. From there, entrepreneurs can come up with an innovative marketing strategy, finding different ways to be innovative, even finding old ideas that can be duplicated and improved.

In Pursuit of PurposeSuzzette Hinton

In Pursuit of Purpose

When I think of Purpose, I think of what gives meaning to our lives. It keeps us from the futility of aimless Doing with nothing more to show but unfulfilled lives. We might find our lives tolerable. In fact, like tattered, gaping, run over sneakers, our lives may be oh so comfortable yet falling apart.

"What Does it Mean?" Six Simple Questions to Ask About Conceptual Art

“What Does it Mean?” Six Simple Questions to Ask About Conceptual Art

Artists rely on audiences to bring life experience, worldly knowledge and exposure to popular culture to the artwork they’ve created. Granted, there are some art pieces that defy rational and creative logic and are not easy to read. But that, too, is okay, because it is your job as a viewer to visually interrogate what you see and ask lots of questions.