October, 2012

Your Two Legged Stool

Your Two Legged Stool

Success is like a stool and no stool can stand firmly with only two legs. In order to maintain balance, you need to have at least three. Your business’ success stool is comprised of 3 elements; vision, resources, and alignment.

What's Holding You Back?

What’s Holding You Back?

As we’ve seen many times before, life is short and no one knows the hour of their passing. Therefore, choose to live everyday doing something that you love. Choose to live in the now instead of yesterday and tomorrow.

Winifred Garrett with HarpWinifred Garrett with Harp

Gentle Trailblazer: A Rare Flower Discovered in the Meadow of Musicians

At this time when it seems the music industry is mainly concerned with the back-story of the performer rather than true talent or the music presented, it is a rare find to discover a true musician whose mere existence adds to a great tradition and history dating back centuries. The instrument: the harp. The musician: Winifred Garrett.