4 Ways to Increase Your “Brand” Attraction in Dating

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“I can’t seem to attract the right person!”

This is one of the biggest complaints that I’ve heard from my clients and single friends. They say that they’re approached by people who are too old, too young, unattractive, unestablished, or just simply not their type.

Does this sound like you?

If so, in my opinion, you’re not sending the right message or communicating properly to your desired mate!

How do you send the right message?

Sometimes we need to think of dating from a marketing perspective. You are your “brand”! In order to increase your brand’s visibility and attract the right “market” or person, you should consider the following steps:

  • Be REAL: People are more interested in knowing the real you, a genuine brand. We find easy connection in authenticity and relatability as opposed to an impersonal experience. So make sure you know who you are and love who you are so that your message is honest and happy!
  • Leverage Your Social Network: In marketing and in dating it is so important to nurture your relationship with friends, family, and colleagues. Typically, we only buy a product if it has a great reputation and comes highly recommended. If someone is interested in you and they ask your peers or colleagues about you, what will your social network have to say? You want to make sure that you maintain great relationships, be kind and respectful so that they’ll have nothing but positive things to say and you’ll come highly recommended!



  • Google Yourself: Today, everyone flocks to Google to see what the internet has to say about a person and to gauge if they are attracted to what they see, before considering a date with them. If you want increased “Google Rankings”, Google Yourself! Is what you see flattering? Do your Facebook pictures represent you in the best light? Is the traffic you’re getting lingering to find out more because they’re happy about what they find or are they disappointed?  If you want to attract the right person you have to send the same message online as you do offline. Try to remove any negative connotations and create a positive and interesting online presence.
  • Know Your Ideal Audience: To sell any brand or product it’s important to know who your market is what your brand can do for them! In terms of finding the right mate, people are often dating by default! They have no idea what they’re looking for, what they have to offer a mate or even what this ideal person likes to do for fun! How are you supposed to attract someone you know nothing about? It’s about getting specific about who you’re looking for (not superficial characteristics such as height requirements). Know what drives them, what a Saturday looks like for them or if they’re family oriented. You also need to be able to communicate and understand the value of what you have to offer to their lives. Once you identify this, your “brand” will be more appealing to your target group.

Effective marketing is the key to success business . . . AND in dating!  To best market your brand your message needs to be attractive, personal and represented in the right light at all times, to the right audience.

So, know your brand, promote your brand, protect your brand and love your brand! Your dating life is depending on it….

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