Divine Sounds of The Echos Group

Although this industry is not foreign to them, Basnight and her team read and stay involved with user groups and communities of people that are part of the cutting-edge section of this industry to stay abreast of new technology and trends.

Technology Innovations Fuel Entrepreneurship

In this current economic climate, Harrell says that entrepreneurs must first be absolutely clear of their goals – what is the point of it all? Also to be considered is, if technology will play a major role – but this is only if there is a passion for technology. From there, entrepreneurs can come up with an innovative marketing strategy, finding different ways to be innovative, even finding old ideas that can be duplicated and improved.

Going With The FLOW

Tara credits her best friend and her family for pushing her to return to her own fashion designs. “They knew that it was in me,” she says, plus it proved to be an opportunity for her friend, an aspiring model, as well. So she pulled her old sewing machine out, and when she found that it was no longer working, her husband purchased her a new one.

“Spring” back into Shape!

“Spring cleaning” no longer applies to only dwelling places and garages. With the onset of spring’s longer days and milder temperatures, people here in North Carolina are digging out those exercise clothes that have been collecting dust all winter and rebooting their bodies.