“Sensual and Smart” Shekina Moore: entrepreneur. author. designer.

Shekina has a strong presence when she walks into a room because of her style, but also because of her confidence. She admitted that she likes a little attention but only for the right reasons. Therefore, she’s smart about her style because she pays attention to where she’s going and who’s going to be in the room. She is confident and knows how to dress her body type.

Spring! It’s Time to Clean your “House”

The mind is a powerful part of our life and who we are. It holds thoughts, memories, and images of all the negative and positive experiences in our lives. We must take a proactive approach to keep our minds free from clutter, noise and other things that keep us from being happy and experiencing joy in our lives. Vacuuming the mind represents ridding our mind of negative thoughts that hinder our movement towards our goals and purpose.