What's Holding You Back?

What’s Holding You Back?

As we’ve seen many times before, life is short and no one knows the hour of their passing. Therefore, choose to live everyday doing something that you love. Choose to live in the now instead of yesterday and tomorrow.

In Pursuit of PurposeSuzzette Hinton

In Pursuit of Purpose

When I think of Purpose, I think of what gives meaning to our lives. It keeps us from the futility of aimless Doing with nothing more to show but unfulfilled lives. We might find our lives tolerable. In fact, like tattered, gaping, run over sneakers, our lives may be oh so comfortable yet falling apart.

Spring!  It’s Time to Clean your "House"by Margaret A. Brunson

Spring! It’s Time to Clean your “House”

The mind is a powerful part of our life and who we are. It holds thoughts, memories, and images of all the negative and positive experiences in our lives. We must take a proactive approach to keep our minds free from clutter, noise and other things that keep us from being happy and experiencing joy in our lives. Vacuuming the mind represents ridding our mind of negative thoughts that hinder our movement towards our goals and purpose.

Lessons From Eastern Medicine

Lessons From Eastern Medicine

According to the oldest recorded medical science, Ayurveda, our bodies and minds are a combination of three basic constitutions: vata (air), pitta (fire) and kapha (earth & water), which can be used to describe all things in the natural world.

The World We Live In

The World We Live In

There clearly is strength in associating with that sameness of life. However, inherent in that sameness is a challenge of maintaining too much conformity in our thinking, being and growing. If we think about it much of our learning or experiences that shaped us came about by being introduced to some new thing, person, activity, celebration etc…