On The Verge With Jai Moi

On The Verge With Jai Moi

“To get to our house was a country mile. We were way out in the country, and behind my house there was a great big field. I used to stand out there on the steps and sing to my imaginary audience in the field,” she says.

Phonte ColemanPhonte, Courtesy Creative Silence Photography


Artists who gain success within a group and then set out on a solo project often soon learn it is a lot different when you have to carry the entire show yourself. Phonte however seems very comfortable with it saying there really were no low points with doing the solo thing. He said, “You really just realize you’re kind of starting over. It doesn’t matter what you did before.”

Winifred Garrett with HarpWinifred Garrett with Harp

Gentle Trailblazer: A Rare Flower Discovered in the Meadow of Musicians

At this time when it seems the music industry is mainly concerned with the back-story of the performer rather than true talent or the music presented, it is a rare find to discover a true musician whose mere existence adds to a great tradition and history dating back centuries. The instrument: the harp. The musician: Winifred Garrett.

PFP....Playing For Pleasure

PFP….Playing For Pleasure

The roots of the group are embedded in the gospel choir of Livingstone College. The former director of the gospel choir is credited with bringing these guys together, introducing them to a new world of music, and really pushing them to expand their horizon

Meet Jazz Vocalist - Adia Ledbetter

Meet Jazz Vocalist – Adia Ledbetter

“My music will always include elements of other genres, but it will come from a jazz perspective. I want to preserve the jazz tradition. I would love to be a quest artist on a recording or performance. I won’t turn down the opportunity to sing other genres of music. Good music is good music.”