Do You Have Any Of These?

Belinda Mays

By Belinda Mays

Over the past few years, I have planted, watered, and de-weeded. . . so now it’s time for my seeds to bloom.  Although I am currently in an up cycle, I know all too well what it’s like to be in a down cycle.  Believe me, I do. Often, when your business is going through a down cycle, it’s very easy to look at someone who is on an up cycle and wonder, “what do they have that I don’t?” My answer to that – Absolutely nothing! In most cases, success is all about timing and good habits.

Although I believe that some people are born with certain personality traits that give them an innate advantage to becoming successful at a faster pace, I also believe that anyone can learn to create good habitual patterns that can also lead them to success. Let’s take a look……

Below are some of the most common traits that successful business owners possess. Which ones do you feel you were born with? Which ones do you feel you need in order to jump start your business? Which ones already exist in a potential business partner? Which ones are you fighting against? Which ones can you quickly learn or adopt as a habit?

Although, there are no right or wrong answers for any of the questions asked,  being confident, committed, and consistent can carry you a long way.  So remember: there will always be things that you are really GREAT at while other things not so much.  Instead of focusing on perfecting your weaknesses why not spend your time and energy focusing on perfecting your strengths while finding a few partners who can fill in the gaps where you are lacking. When you do, I guarantee that the seeds you plant and water today will definitely bloom….maybe not tomorrow, but in its own timing…. they will indeed bloom.

Until next time, Get Up, Get Going, & Get There!!!!

Belinda Mays is a native of Sanford NC and is the founder and CEO of The Success Project, LLC, located in Atlanta GA. She consults with time challenged entrepreneurs and small business owners, providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and accountability needed to become more productive and profitable. To learn more about Belinda visit her at: