Free + Free + Free = Mo Money, Mo Money!

Belinda Mays

By Belinda Mays



I have personally found that giving has added value to my brand. Giving has attracted people to me and has helped me to position myself as an expert in my niche.  Believe me, I totally understand that the bottom line of any business is profit and that most business consultants would simply advise you to promote, promote, promote, sell, sell, sell.  When I first got started in business a dozen years ago, I tried using that methodology and all I received in return was a headache!  It wasn’t until I adopted and began to practice the Law of Giving, that I was able to turn my life and business around. Bottom line, nobody really cares about you and your services.  Most people only care about what they are doing and how they can get you to help them for free.  Fine, I’ll settle for that, because most people don’t understand the Law of Giving & Receiving and they have no idea how I will ever be able to profit from the freebie I so willingly gave them.

People often ask me, if you are giving away free advice and free Ebooks (that I could easily charge for), and conducting free workshops, how on earth do you make money?  Let me ask you this…..If you were able to get on a radio station for free because you put out a free press release about a charitable pledge you made and ultimately was able to give away a couple of hundred valuable free ebooks using a free email marketing service that in turn attracted a small business owner who took you up on your FREE 30 minute consultation and then introduced you to someone who booked you for a $5000 speaking engagement, were all those Freebies profitable? Hmmmm, something to think about, isn’t it?  How many E-books would I have to sell, sell, sell, in order to make $5000? How many coaching sessions would I have to do in order to make $5000?  I don’t know about your math but my math formula is simple – Free + Free + Free = Mo Money, Mo Money!  Not all of your services will be free of course, but I’m sure if you sit down and really think about it, you can identify a few valuable products and/or services that you can afford to give away for free.

Contrary to some belief, there is real money in the freebies.  I not only encourage you, but challenge you to stop looking at ways to sell, sell, sell and start looking at ways to give, give, give.  When you start using the Law of Giving & Receiving, you’ll soon find that you can never give too much.  I know at times, it can be frustrating when you give, give, give, and it seems like you’re getting nothing in return. When you start feeling like that, that’s when you need to turn up the heat and give even more. Please note, I’m not saying you should let people constantly use you.  However, what I am saying is to give freely and you will always find that you will receive much more back than you ever gave out.  Giving works for everyone, everywhere, anytime and all the time. So, if you really want to make the last few months of this year your most profitable yet, then remember Free + Free + Free = Mo Money, Mo Money!


Belinda Mays is a native of Sanford NC and is the founder and CEO of The Success Project, LLC, located in Atlanta GA. She consults with time challenged entrepreneurs and small business owners, providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and accountability needed to become more productive and profitable. To learn more about Belinda visit her at: