Getting the Most Out of Your Wardrobe: The Art of Color

When styling clients, I always emphasize that I will take them out of the comfort zone. We discuss multiple style topic and the hardest topic is color. It’s amazing that something as simple as color can be so terrifying. This topic is hard because some people believe that everything in an outfit must match in order to have a great outfit. This idea gives people a big restriction on their wardrobe. By understanding colors and how they pair, people will be able to get much more out of their wardrobe. What is Color? This lesson isn’t going to talk to you about prisms and how they catch light or how your eye uses light to see color. This lesson is to help you understand what’s considered color and the beauty of neutrals!


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The best way to identify color is the color wheel. These colors and any colors mixed out of them are considered color. When pairing colors together, you can use monochromatic colors, which are colors in the same family (blue with blue-green) or you can use complimentary colors (color across from each other, blue and orange).


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Monochromatic and complimentary are a great start to approaching color but just remember any colors can be paired.

The Beauty of Neutrals


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When pairing colors, neutrals are a great way to bring it all together. As you can see, neutral colors are not apart of the color wheel. These are a “neutral party” so they can go with anything even each other.


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Color is just color and there is no need to be afraid of it. By opening your mind to new ways of pairing color, you can maximized your wardrobe.