Sometimes I AM Your Superwoman

By Andrea Bigelow

By Andrea Bigelow

Anyone who knows me knows I wear many hats.  I am wife to my awesome husband of nearly fifteen years.  I am mommy to a nine-year-old son with constantly booked social and extra-curricular calendars and to the cutest 2-month-old baby girl you have ever seen!  (Yes, I’m biased.)  I am the owner of an in-demand home-based bakery.  Not to mention my daughter-to-an-aging mother hat, my church hat, and my full-time-job hat that I wear. Maybe I should just trade in my multiple hats for a cape because, at times, I feel like I have to have superhero powers to conquer everything on my plate.  With all I have going on in my world and with “to do” lists that can stretch as far as the eyes can see, it can easily become difficult to keep my composure and strike a balance in my life.

So, how do I manage to strike a balance without completely losing my mind or myself?  Good question!

I’ll share with you what I have learned over my years of juggling all the things that demand my time and attention.

It is very important to have a strong support system behind you.  I have been blessed with a supportive husband and family and an amazing network of friends that give me encouragement, prayers, hugs, and a helping hand in my personal and business life whenever I need it. Building my business takes a lot of my time and energy.  While I have help with marketing and delivery of my baked goods, the baking and decorating is a one-woman show.  As news of my business is steadily spreading, my support group is there to do whatever I need to keep my business going and growing.  It is this support system that allows me to keep up with my hectic schedule.

Next, never underestimate the power of the word “no”.  I will make a confession.  I’m a recovering people pleaser. I can think of several occasions when I was dead tired but I ended up missing out on sleep or overextending myself to make someone else happy.  I was quickly burning out, but I had no one to blame but myself. One day, I made up my mind I wasn’t doing that anymore because I needed to take care of and value ME.  And let me tell you, believe it or not, it took practice.  At first, it felt weird and I felt terrible for saying “no” to people.  But after saying “no” a few times, I was pleasantly surprised at how liberating it was. The more I said it, the easier it got.  It allowed me to take control of my personal and business life.  Word to the wise: never be afraid to say “no.”

My spiritual life helps keep me balanced as well. I start every day with a prayer.  I end every day in prayer.  Even at times during the day, I find my own little secret place just to have time for prayer, meditation, and study.  It keeps me grounded and focused, and it gives me peace.  How do I know things will work out just fine when everything around me is in chaos?  Because the peace I get through prayer, meditation, and study says so.

And lastly, I make it a point to carve out some much needed “me time.”  I can’t do anything for anybody if I’m sick or dead, right?  I make sure I do things that keep me healthy and happy.  Even if it’s just for a few minutes a day, I do some kind of physical activity or exercise to keep my body strong and reduce stress.  My cell phone is always attached to my hip, but I will turn it off when I need to stay away from things or people that stress me out.  I pamper myself from time to time with spa visits and trips to the hair salon. These special treats are so necessary for me to refocus and rejuvenate my spirit.  “Me time” works wonders.

Remember, striking balance in your life is very important to conquer a busy life on the go. Don’t let your plate become so full that you are left off kilter and desperately needing an outlet just to keep your sanity.  I recommend that you make it a point to find and stick with those things that will lift your spirit and bring you peace. Take care of your physical, spiritual and mental well-being first, and you will find that those eternal “to do” lists won’t seem so impossible to finish. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to pull that cape out every now and then.