Dr. Vonda Jones-Hudson

by Dr. Vonda Jones-Hudson

Spring is a time to refresh, renew and reboot.  Wow!  How promising…a period of revival, transformation and systemic upgrade for those of us who have been stuck in the dead of a winter “souls’tis” [solstice].  In other words, stuck in a rut; it’s the place where seemingly life, movement, and growth stops just before there’s a change in direction.

Souls’tis? Ok, a little creative play on words, but ‘tis the season to spring forward, ‘tis the season to breathe new life, ‘tis the season to weed out the dark night of the soul.

Soul—the inner and hidden part of our being—one’s mind (thoughts), one’s heart (emotions) and one’s will (motivation).  Imagine a mind plagued with negative thoughts, a heart that’s cold, bitter, and angry or a will without an inkling of hope.  Truly that’s a dark night of the soul which definitely calls for a spiritual reboot.

Warm or Cold you might ask?  Honestly, it depends on whether you need restoration or resuscitation.

Restoration is akin to a warm boot.  In this state, the soul still has a power source.  Yet, we may find ourselves feeling mildly to moderately troubled, and moving a bit slow.  One might be fairly restless, feel a bit touchy, and find his or her g-force less than low.

Resuscitation is comparable to a cold boot.  At this point, the power source is nil.  Everything boarders on the dark side: the mindset lurks in negativille, the willpower is indicative of zilch, and heartache has virtually overwritten all of our software, but at the flip of a switch, our spiritual hardware—the soul—can be brought back to life.  After all, it is written, human beings received the breath of life and became a living soul.

Thus, when in the midst of a souls’tis, hold true to this writing: “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.”  Take time to exercise your faith.  Be mindful of all the things your soul intakes.  If it’s not edifying and uplifting, don’t partake.  Only pour out your soul to those who offer provisions of hope.  Always take care of self, have fun, and take rest for your soul.

Before I go, I want you to know deep within, if we can just reset our operating system, if we can just shutdown temporarily, if we can just change directions, ‘tis  will be the season to be jolly…life and all of its parts will be brought up to date, and we will emerge feeling recreated, refreshed, and renewed.

Soulfully Yours,