Technology Innovations Fuel EntrepreneurshipKatrina M. Harrell

Technology Innovations Fuel Entrepreneurship

In this current economic climate, Harrell says that entrepreneurs must first be absolutely clear of their goals – what is the point of it all? Also to be considered is, if technology will play a major role – but this is only if there is a passion for technology. From there, entrepreneurs can come up with an innovative marketing strategy, finding different ways to be innovative, even finding old ideas that can be duplicated and improved.

Let the IRS Help You Make More Sales!

Let the IRS Help You Make More Sales!

When compiling your pitch letters be sure to mention how your products/services will benefit the potential client’s employees and/or customers. You might also want to have a relevant tie in with a topical news story, as well as the obvious – a substantial discount for large quantity sales. End your pitch letter referencing one of the biggest benefits ever, “another possible tax deduction.”