Technology Innovations Fuel Entrepreneurship

Katrina M. Harrell

“Technology is really the way to go when it comes to innovation in entrepreneurship.”

Katrina M. Harrell, Clayton, NC resident and founder of the Blacks in Technology Entrepreneurship Week (BITE Week), developed a strong love for technology early in her career.  She soon realized that there wasn’t much attention being paid to Blacks doing great things in entrepreneurship with technology, and she founded BITE Week to push forward this mission.  With BITE Week, she plans to bring the right attention to Black entrepreneurs, to show that Blacks can, and are currently, competing on the same level as others.

The 1st annual BITE Week will be held February 16, 2012 in Durham, NC, and will celebrate the accomplishments of six minority innovators in technology and entrepreneurship.  There will also be opportunities for sponsorship, to help fund an Entrepreneurship program at one of NC’s Historically Black Colleges or Universities.

BITE Week also promises to provide unsurpassed networking opportunities with some of the top entrepreneurs in the state.  So how important is it to take advantage of networking and business opportunities such as BITE Week?  According to Harrell, networking is essential, but she says, time for investigation must be taken so entrepreneurs will know which opportunities to go with, and which ones to pass up.

In this current economic climate, Harrell says that entrepreneurs must first be absolutely clear of their goals – what is the point of it all?  Also to be considered is, if technology will play a major role – but this is only if there is a passion for technology.  From there, entrepreneurs can come up with an innovative marketing strategy, finding different ways to be innovative, even finding old ideas that can be duplicated and improved.  Partnerships also work to help balance the workload, but entrepreneurs should go into taking on a partnership carefully, as partners absolutely must be right for the role and for the entrepreneur.

Accountant, entrepreneur and author are just a few titles that Harrell has earned in her career thus far.  As her career continues to flourish though, helper will be the one title that will remain constant.  Harrell says she enjoys “connecting dots.”  The dots may be all different things, but she takes pride in helping entrepreneurs find the consistent underlying connection.  Harrell has always been an advocate for entrepreneurship as a wealth builder for people of color and women, but no matter the color or gender, she says she simply enjoys helping others, encouraging them to continue pushing forward with their dreams.

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