What If?

What if … You met someone

What if … You got caught up in the moment and didn’t grab that condom

What if … You start to feel sick

What if … The lymph nodes in your neck are swollen

What if … You have this furry white stuff on your tongue

What if … You go to the doctor

What if … The doctor orders a full blood panel

What if … You wait two weeks

What if … You get a call asking you to come into the doctor’s office

What if … The doctor tells you you’re HIV Positive

Stop for moment and let this sink in. This is exactly how it could happen. Like pregnancy, it only takes one unprotected sexual encounter. Now what?

Are you the same person you were just minutes ago? Of course you are! Nothing about your character, your person, your being, the definition of you has changed. You’re still loving or mean; you know some of us are just mean. You’re still in school or working. You’re still sexy or handsome. For all intents and purposes you are the same person who walked into that office … You’re the same person you were before and after that encounter.

You’re still you and your world did not – has not – and will not come to an end

The “what ifs”, listed above, are very real. This exact scenario could happen to you, me, your brother or sister, mother or father, best friend, your enemy … hell, it could even happen to grandma or grandpa.

It’s 2015 and we are still very much in the dark about HIV/AIDS; whether fear or just a selfish and ignorant thought process drives that is beyond me. When it comes down to it, we are all susceptible. When it comes down to it, testing for HIV/AIDS is a simple act that can save your life.

June 27th is National HIV Testing Day. Do the right thing.

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