Interested in writing for EmergeNC Magazine?

Thank you for your interest in writing for EmergeNC Online Magazine. EmergeNC represents the only professional and business publication featuring stories and educational content designed to empower and unite professionals, entrepreneurs, associations and community organizations throughout North Carolina. With a focus on and particular responsibility to African Americans, EmergeNC Online features news and information for black professionals in a wide variety of occupations including entrepreneurship, finance, law, health, entertainment, and executive coaching. EmergeNC understands the value and role that diversity plays in the long-term success of corporate, business and social organizations, and is committed to making a unique contribution to the value of diversity for these organizations.

Our mission is to be a publication that creates the effects of: (i) educating its readership on current issues and trends in the business and professional community; (ii) empowering its readership by sharing tools and resources that will facilitate the achievement of their business and professional goals; (iii) inspiring its readership to define and achieve their business and professional visions; and (iv) facilitating its readership’s commitment to the creation and delivery of value in their respective realms of activity. We also aim to recognize outstanding North Carolinians, and to generate support from the community, to grow and shape young entrepreneurial and professional leaders of tomorrow.

Manuscripts can be anywhere from 500 to 750 words for web publication, and should fit in to one of the sections listed below:


Business, Finance, Entrepreneurship

The business section provides our readers with the necessary tools, tips and strategies on everyday business activities such as Marketing, Public Relations, Operations, Human Resources, Sales and Business Development. This section will be especially helpful to entrepreneurs and small or start-up businesses as they embark on the journey to create wealth and achieve independence.

Community, Non-Profit, Inspiration

The Community section looks at organizations and businesses that work for the greater good. Readers learn about individuals and organizations that are working to make the world a better place. This section is open to anything or anyone that inspires us to help others and give back.

Lifestyle, Fashion, Music, The Arts, Dining

EmergeNC provides with Lifestyle section, a glimpse into what our community does in their leisure time as well as ideas and information. With music, fashion, dining and the Arts, we speak from a business perspective. Professionals in theses areas share their stories of challenge and or success with our readers.


While we all know that eating properly and exercising improves our quality of life, African Americans have health and wellness issues that are indeed unique. For the African American professional that is starting to take a closer look at individual health, the Health & wellness subsection provides information about living a healthy and wholesome lifestyle, mind, body, and soul.

We welcome original manuscripts by both published and new writers that appeal to African American readers; however, we are also open to reprinting previously published work. The preferred procedure for submitting material is to send a query via e-mail to the Editorial Department at

If proposing an article idea, include in the email a description of the subject matter, angle and illustration material. Images for the initial query can be low-resolution digital files or photocopies.


EmergeNC Online Magazine is updated weekly with themes transitioning monthly. The deadline for article submissions from regular contributors is the 10th of the month for publishing beginning the following month.

 The query deadline for online submissions is one month prior to the publishing deadline.


Online content is updated monthly; the publishing deadline is at the end of each month. The query deadline for online submissions is one month prior to the publishing deadline.


  • MS Word document, Arial font [size 11] is requested
  • Include an end-of-article About the Author byline. The byline should appear in italics and be no more than 3-4 lines long. The About the Author byline will appear at the end of the writer’s manuscript and will be separate from the byline under the headline.
  • Manuscripts may be factual and or opinion-based.
  • Quote experts whenever possible.
  • Writers should be knowledgeable about their topics to allow us to provide credible information.
  • We do not publish manuscripts that have as their primary purpose the solicitation of funds.
  • We prefer tightly written manuscripts in the active voice and reserve the right to edit for clarity, grammar, punctuation, and space constraints.


  1. Please supply sharp, well-exposed photos or slides taken with film-based cameras. Photos taken by digital cameras are strongly preferred. Use a commercial photo finisher. We never publish (print or online) photos printed on a home printer. We do not accept unsolicited digital photos.
  2. Please include the name of the individual(s) in the photo if necessary or a short description of the photo, your name, and your address.

Writers supply illustrations for their manuscripts. Photography is commissioned for special occasions only. Writers must obtain all permissions for the use of photographs or other images. Permissions fees will be reimbursed only with prior approval from EmergeNC Online Magazine. We accept digital images only. Digital images must conform to the following minimum specifications:

  • 300 dpi
  • TIFF, PDF or JPEG format
  • Please email the Creative department for instructions on sending large files.  Images can also be sent on a CD. Please do not email large files.
  • Include a MS Word or PDF document of color thumbnail images labeled with digital file names.
  • Include a MS Word document listing the image file names with caption information and photo credits for each image.

Photos submitted to EmergeNC Online Magazine cannot be returned. We cannot use Polaroid photos or low-resolution digital photos printed on most home printers. Although we appreciate and enjoy all the photos we receive, we cannot print them all. We will keep them for possible use in future issues.

EmergeNC Online Magazine is currently not offering monetary compensation. Instead, EmergeNC Online Magazine provides writers with a byline.  All regular contributors receive a subscription to the magazine.

What types of stories should writers not submit?
EmergeNC Online will not publish manuscripts that do not have a business or professional focus i.e. unsolicited fiction or manuscripts promoting particular religious movements.

NOTE: We strongly encourage prospective writers to study manuscripts to get a feel for our voice, content selection and approach to subjects.

NOTE: We only accept submissions from writers who have read our guidelines. When submitting an article, it is very important that you indicate whether you have already reviewed these guidelines; otherwise, you will receive them automatically, and be asked to re-conform your article to meet them.

Do not send your article in hard copy only; we must have an electronic copy.

“Will I be informed if my article is not accepted?”

Yes. You will be contacted within 48 hours of review of your submission.

EmergeNC Online Magazine assumes no responsibility or liability for acknowledgment or return of unsolicited manuscripts, including computer disks or other items included in a submission. A sufficiently stamped, self-addressed return envelope must accompany all unsolicited manuscripts, or they will not be returned.

If your article is accepted for publication, we will contact you within 3 weeks to let you know if your article has been accepted.

Will my article be edited?
All manuscripts submitted to EmergeNC Online Magazine are subject to whatever editing or rewriting our editors deem necessary.

What about rights to my article?
Our policy is to accept manuscripts on an “all rights” basis. The fee paid for an article is a one-time fee. EmergeNC reserves the unrestricted right, in perpetuity, to make use of material appearing in the pages of EmergeNC, whether in part or in entirety, in other forms, including but not limited to: posting it on our websites, reprints, special compilations, and promotional materials.

Thank you and we look forward to reading your stories!